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We mine publicly available data on university admissions, league table trends and the latest Clearing information to uncover the best courses in Clearing.

We don’t look at official entry requirements, because they don’t tell the full story about a course’s admissions policy, especially when there is an unprecedented lack of demand.

Previous admissions offer far more insight into the candidates who were actually accepted, either on a case by case basis, or during Clearing.

We search the admissions history of thousands of courses to find those that might offer you a place through Clearing.

We will also match your profile to Universities who are trending in the league tables in the subjects relevant to your search. These are most likely to be the ‘rising stars’… perhaps not at the top of the table yet, but building their reputation… providing great courses, but maybe still with places to fill during Clearing.

Every course we show you is instantly updated to indicate whether places are still available through Clearing.



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